Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine

Feelin' in the mood to update my blog. Hence, this post. Must be the benign shift I've just had. Or could be the outfit I am wearing in this post. I've felt refreshed by the brightness of my pants! haha! ;p
I am currently obsessed with this sheer top I bought online. I can think of sooo many ways to wear it! At first glance, my friends thought it's a barong. Well, must be the most chic barong ever. :)
I love the print on it and it's ombre fabric! Just genius! Love!
I remember when me and my bestie did this shoot, I've had so much fun! Plus we've found this spot somewhere near the hostel where not much people pass by. I just can't pretend not to care when people stare! I feel too shy. (Yes, I do get that feeling!). And with this bright and eye-catching number, who wouldn't stare? haha!

Wearshimmer top
Sammydress pants
Mango heels

photos by Leslie

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