Sunday, September 22, 2013

Balance it out

Seems like ladies have been inclined to the crop top trend and I was brave enough to try it! I've got no rockin' abs to show and I wanted to look ladylike so to balance out the hemline, I paired it with a high-waist skirt. Woot! 
There's just so many ways you can wear your crop top. Whether you want to play edgy, ladylike, sophisticated, also depends on different body types. You may try it with shorts, circle, midi, maxi or high waist skirts, palazzo pants, etc... - there's so many of approach on wearing this trend!
Got this pretty high-waist skirt from H & M. It's actually a maternity garment. I was looking around the store and spotted this skirt. I tried it on and it fitted me so well. When I looked at the label, it surprised me - it's from H & M's maternity line Mama! It's the smallest size though! hahaha! 
H & M high waist skirt and earrings crop top
Mango heels
I think I might overuse this top! *must work on those abs* LOL
Hope I gave justice to this trend. What do you think? x

Photo by my bestie, Leslie.