Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Pardon the title. I. just. can't. get. over. miley. 
On a serious note, I think I must get a tripod! I love the mini studio I have now but still can't avoid blurred photos. Or perhaps I should learn more about the correct camera settings. Hmm. Any suggestions? 
Anyhow, do you love the print on my pants? I'm into paisley prints lately, not just on clothes but for stationary items as well. And I just found out that Paisley prints or fabrics has Iranian/ Indian origin. I didn't get my pants from Iran or India though, bought this in Pinas from my last vacation. I love that it's high-waist and it fits me well. Paired it with a cream colored top and my overused pair of heels. (hihi)
What do you think? :)

MANGO heels

Photos by my bestie, Leslie. 

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