Friday, August 23, 2013


Woot! I am back. Have you noticed any change on my blog? *batting eyelashes* YESS!! My blog is still on the process of revamping. Will tell you more about that soon...
If you're wondering what's the meaning of this post's title, it's actually the name of my friend's online shop. As for the definition, that I have to ask her again! If you wish to check her online shop, which by the way is available in Qatar and Philippines, just see the link below. 

I've wanted to have this dress the moment I saw it. It was an on-hand item and I reserved it right away. haha! It's so DIY-able actually, I mean the back detail, but I like the color and length of the dress. It's perfect for summer, walk at the park, day out with friends, and I wish I could wear this here. *sigh. A messy high bun or braided bun is the perfect hairstyle to have if you'll wear any dress of this kind. Put up your hair nicely to show and give the attention to the back detail of the dress. 

If you want to DIY this (which is sooo easy!), grab a tee or a dress with similar material and see my tutorial here.

From now on, my photos will be taken indoors. I'd still do outdoor shoots of course, If I have the chance. I believe a great background can compliment an outfit. So I have utilized a vacant room and turned it into a mini studio, mainly for taking blog photos. The room has very good lighting (good enough for me!) and enough space to do full body shots. It's now more comfortable for me and my bestie when we do the shoot. Plus I won't feel bad anymore whenever I drag my bestie outside just to take photos and see her sweating so bad. Wew! Hope you like these test shots. Thanks to my bestie! More to come. hahaha!:)

Dress from Noblesse