Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tweed theory

KEEP CALM! I didn't wear this outfit in this scorching hot weather. This is just one of the few backlog posts I have. OooppS! 
This was actually taken during the cold season here in Q. Hence, the tweed jacket. I've got this pretty tweed jacket from Mango. If you're looking for a leather, denim or tweed jacket, I suggest you check MANGO or ZARA. Comfort, color, cutting and durability wise, even if it may cost you a bit - it's totally worth it! You do want to look gorgeous on a cold weather right? :)
I looove this top to bits! To whoever invented this design, I love you. haha!
This top is totally summer wearable and a must-have. Pair this with high waist shorts for a chic ensemble! Too bad can't wear that here in Q. So I just coordinated this piece with my tweed jacket, high waist pants and heels. 
For chic cut out tops, I suggest you check out F21, H & M, Topshop or Bershka. 
Don't you just love the detail on this top?
What do you think?

Mango tweed jacket
Copper floral cutout top
Bershka pants and heels
H & M clutch

Thanks to my dear friend Karen for these photos. 

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