Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sexy Weave for a Shirt Upgrade

You know that feeling when you're so bummed out and you can't just let the day pass without doing something productive? Oh yes. Hence, this DIY project. It's been a looong time since my last DIY post and I'm sure you'll love this one, because I did!!! (That's triple exclamation point there!) haha

Here's a DIY project that is definitely a summer must-do! It's so easy and stylish. I was inspired by the 'cut & style your Sinulog shirt' tutorial I've seen online! The options are endless if you search online for diy tutorials for shirts. I've chosen the 'Weave or Ladder  style' because I LOVE shirts that's simple in front and has party at the back (If you've noticed from my previous posts). I've summed up the process into three main easy steps: FOLD, CUT and WEAVE. So grab an old shirt and diy with me! 

Prepare the following: 
- an OLD shirt (with or without print)
- your trusty pair of scissor
- (optional) needle and thread
I've chosen my old dark blue shirt and my brother was kind enough to donate his old (green) shirt. Okay, so, on to the easy steps...
STEP 1: FOLD. This will serve as the center of the weave. 
Note: As you cut you have to follow a diagonal line to achieve this 'V' pattern. You may choose other pattern as you like. 
Stretch the strands.
STEP 3: WEAVE. Take the first and second strand, pull and slip the second strand under the first strand. Then pull the third strand and slip under the second strand. Repeat the process until you reach the last strand.
When you reach the last strand, tie a knot or sew to secure it in place. 
Tadaaa! I Love it! Don't you? Well I actually did a double weave. You may create as many weave as you like. If you may notice, I rolled the sleeves up too. Can you think of any other ways to style your shirt? 
When worn...
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks to my loving brother for taking these photos, donating his shirt and assisting me on this project! Cut and style your way! Exercise your creativity! DIY possibilities are endless! Enjoy! Have a happy summer! 

House of Eva neon skirt
Sperry topsider

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