Monday, February 4, 2013

Shine bright Bella

I soo love gel-eration nail polish!!!
Heart-shaped rock! :)

Primadonna neon tank top
highwaist denim shorts from Bugis street
Korean Rose blazer
Casio watch
DIY spike stretch bracelet
Chichabit silver skeleton bracelet
Pull & Bear neon green necklace (used a bracelet)
Mango sunnies & sandals
Nail Tropics gel-eration nail polish

I didn't really have a wardrobe theme while I was on vacation in Pinas, but when I laid all the clothes I bought, well, many are in vivid shade of neon. haha! I just can't get enough. :p

I always consider comfort and style when choosing an outfit for travel.
Hmm, so I wore this outfit to Bellarocca (I promise to blog about it SOON!). 
Most of these outfit shots were just timered-shots. LOL sariling sikap it is! Thanks ate Kay for your lovely shots. 

Ugh! Bellarocca. MUST.GO.BACK.THEEERRE! It's a dream vacay for me! gaaad! Wish I could bring all my clothes and shoes with me so I could take as many outfit shots I want! The place, I mean entire place is stunning. BREATHTAKING.
Tever. I'll blog about it soon. :)


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