Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Pardon my squinting and major pout in this shot. haha!
I've felt so tourist-ish with my outfit for our second day at SG. haha! 
Aside from visiting  the Universal Studios, our major agenda for the day is to shop. 'Til we drop. And yes, we were dead tired by the end of the day!
When I came up with this outfit, my major concern was, of course, COMFORT.
Fashionably comfortable, that is. *wink
Ugh! Sperry topsider in gold! Actually I've had love at first sight for the silver one, but after minutes of contemplating whether I should take the silver or gold, well, obviously, I chose gold. I've felt may spark between us! haha!
This pair was just perfect for my day's activities with nonstop walkathon around the streets and malls of SG. Ugh! Thank you Paul Sperry! (close lang?!)
 This street in US is my favorite! 
My crowning glory didn't stand the heat and humidity, so I had to make the hairstyle I do best - braid
We had so much fun in US, so much that we didn't notice it was already past 2 pm and we didn't have lunch yet! haha! I've felt like a kid again! Elementary field trip days! haha
Photos c/o my brother, Eric. Love you to bits! 
We've spent the rest of the day shopping. Eeep! I Looove the Bugis street!! If we only knew about it earlier, we wouldn't have gone to the mall and spend more hours there!
I have also tried my favorite, Tom Yam soup, SG version!!! ugh!
I really think the 3 days 2 nights isn't enough and that there is still more to see in SG. :( 

H & M hat, earrings, ring and bag
SPERRY topsider
CASIO watch

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