Monday, December 10, 2012

Quarter of a Century

I've made it to a quarter of a century!!! Yaay! 
25 years.
I have lived, loved, cried and laughed.
I have struggled.
I've made mistakes.
I thank God for giving me the strength I've needed through all those years.

The past years taught me that it's okay if nobody else understands.

Last September, I've celebrated my 25th birthday with my friends and colleagues in Qatar. There were five celebrants at the party. We all agreed to have animal print as our theme, even Julius and Jelo. haha! I thank our dear guests for complying with the theme! I've had so much fun! 
With the other celebrants, Cherry and Maricar.
My lovely friends, (L-R) Jen, Kit, Arl, Jegs, Karen, Jen, Les and Kate.
"Learn to love the small, precious moments with those close to you." 
Ugh! I love these girls to bits. 
My ER family. 
Indeed, life has so many chapters, and we grow from each of them. I am only one fourth of the way to one hundred! I still have a long way to go. I will always learn.

I will always be in pursuit of the genuine happiness. *wink

CoExist top and skirt
Extremefinds earrings
MAC lippie
Mango heels
Photos c/o my dear cousin Fe.
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