Thursday, November 29, 2012


After a year and five months of waiting, I am back in Pinas!!! Yaaay!

On the 24th of November, I went to Singapore (Along with my brother and my friends Charish and Charline). Eeep!
We had a short yet very fun stay there! I had no objection that Singapore is the cleanest city that even spitting anywhere has penalty! Haha!

We had very limited time so we were able to visit only the Sentosa on our first day, plus a little shopping here and there! Hihi
Angry Birds Cable Car!!! One of my favorite rides (hmm well, every ride we've tried is a favorite, haha). The view of the city from the top made the whole ride experience somehow less frightening! Found my self doing frequent sighs during the ride being stunned by the lovely city view (Though I still avoid looking directly down!) :)
On to my Outfit for that day...
Noticed any change? Yep. Had my hair color changed as I've planned months before my vacay. Hello ombre!
Played with the colors brown, black and gold.
Kept my outfit simple and comfy as possible. Packed three pairs of shoes with me for this trip, ALL flats! 
Had to keep my accessories to a minimum. I loved how this necklace went well with my top's print. What do you think?
This beautiful pair of flats is from Parisian. Gaad! When I saw their collection of flats and heels? my heart skipped a beat! I've wanted to buy every color of this pair!!
I'd like to thank my dear brother, Eric, for being patient on me, and yes, for taking these lovely outfit shots! *wink
More about my trip, soon! :)
H & M hat, top, rings and bag
NYX lippie
 Diva necklace
Toy Watch watch
Pull and Bear shorts
Parisian flats

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