Thursday, October 18, 2012


Few of you may notice I don't religiously update my blog. I've realized few weeks back that it's been more than a month since my last blog entry. I finally had the time to make a come back entry. Thanks to my intermittent insomnia. 
I have recently spent some quality time with my closest friends - at the park. Picnic, it is.
My dear friend Arl took blog-worthy pictures which made me realize, I.MUST.UPDATE.MY.BLOG.

So here's some snapshots of our QT at the famous Aspire park in Doha.
I had so much fun! The place is so quiet. It's the perfect place to go to spend some time away from the busy city. The place is large and green, well-maintained! It's a great place for photo shoots I must say! I really want to go back there during daytime! Ugh! photos must be so beautiful! 

Now, excuse our vanity and let me share to you some of our group photos taken by my dearest friend, Arl.

Meet my lovely friends, Karen and Leslie.

My Favorite!
Stolen shots are the best! 
BTS! hahaha!
Meet our Gorgeous photographer, Arl. (I'll forever be your loyal model! haha!)
Oh yes! Vanity shots!!! A day with my friends won't be complete without vanittttyy sho0o0ts!
Don't you just love this twirly Iphone case in gold? I do!!!!
...and that was an OFF well spent! MUST.COME.BACK. there! haha!

Gaaahh! i missed blogging! 

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