Friday, August 3, 2012

Three to Go

This day is special to me. One of my many firsts!
31st of July last year when I arrived in Doha.
Jeez, this is my first time to work abroad!
For my ootd - I wanted to feel comfortable and a bit girly this time
so I opted for a loose top+maxi skirt+flats combo.
Korean Rose top | Coexist sheer maxi skirt 

When it comes to jewelries, I really don't tend to 'excessorize'. I may try but most of the time, I keep the number of my accessories to a minimum.
H&M rings
I just love the sheer animal print detail on this top. I got this from my favorite online clothing store from the Philippines. Yep! Shipped all the way from Pinas!
Uggh. I miss home. :(

When I was deciding which pair of sandals should I wear, I almost forgot I have this one
(How could I??!I know it's soo pretty to be forgotten!)
I haven't told you this yet, but I think I have a LUCK on SALES/Promotions. 
I got this pair from Accessorize. It was on sale when I saw it! LAST PIECE! MY SIZE! 
Grabbed it right away! Talk about luck?! hihihi 
Accessorize sandals
Yep! No braids today! Just kept it neat with a loose side bun.

Love this look on Chictopia.

Meet Leslie, my ever supportive friend/flat mate/cook and of course, photographer. Thanks for  being so patient on me! *wink
My lovely batch mates! What to do on our anniversary? CELEBRATE! We simply had dinner, shared laughs and lots of chika and updates on each other!
Yay! We survived a year! Three to go!

We did something nice this day! We signed up as organ donors! :)

Have a great weekend! :)

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