Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inner Rocker

The title was inspired by Anastasia Steele's 'Inner Goddess' haha!

I love the feeling I get whenever I do a DIY project knowing it is costly if I actually buy it.
I didn't know how much a Spike stretch bracelet costs at the mall but I saw one online, about $15-20. My DIY version cost me less than $5. And so the saying goes, "Why buy when you can DIY?" :)
Making this project was so easy, it didn't take me more than 5 minutes to finish.
You'll be needing:
- Spikes/cone shaped studs
- Elastic thread
The 3 Simple steps:
1. Measure the elastic thread on your wrist and cut.

2. Thread the beads with the elastic.
The number of studs you'll use will depend on the circumference of your wrist. I used 15.
3. Secure with a knot.
Voila! Edgy and chic! 

Fun and easy eh?
You may now channel your inner rocker! 
I've been recently obsessed with spikes and studs so, you'll see more DIY projects with spikes soon! :)


  1. Cool bracelet. I also love doing DIY. Btw, where did you buy the spikes?

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    TSE :)

    1. thanks tse! :)
      got the spikes from a favorite go-to craft store nearby. the store pretty much have everything!