Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Embellished: a DIY upgrade

Friendship bracelet got an upgrade!
Remember I've mentioned in my friendship bracelet tutorial that I'll do an upgrade of this classic? Here it is...
I've made another version of the friendship bracelet. This time, different color and pattern. It's amazing because at first, I didn't actually know how to come up with a pattern like this. I found out that I could make this pattern through trial and error during my first attempt. 

On to the steps...
 Get your ready made friendship bracelet.
Among the colors of the embroidery threads you used, choose one.
You will use this to stitch the rhinestone chain on the bracelet.
 Choose a rhinestone chain with links or spaces in between.
 Then center the rhinestone chain on the bracelet. 
Then start stitching in between the rhinestones chain links.

  Just follow the pattern (here, it's zig zag) of the bracelet.

Then braid the excess threads.
For this version, I didn't use clasps and jump rings.
 Tie whichever way you like.
 Done! Pretty and sparkly! 
I have a colleague who will resign soon. I thought of giving her something I've personally made. I hope she'll like it! :)
And I hope you like this too!

Inspiration from HWTF

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