Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Arm Swag Series: Woven+Chain bracelet

Here's the third installment to my arm swag series.
So chic. So easy! Promise.
You just need the following:
- embroidery thread (your choice of colors)
- Chain (measured to your wrist, with 1/2 inch allowance)
- clasps and jumprings
- hair pins
Simply follow the steps through the following guide images.
Make sure to secure your threads to your working table with sa tape as you work with them.
To weave the threads to the chain link easily, use the hair pins.

Note that you should weave twice each chain link. Repeatedly do the process.

Just create a good knot at the end.
Then attach clasps and jump rings. You may trim excess threads at the end or retain them.
When worn. Thanks to my ever supportive model, Les! 
Hope you like it dear readers! xo.