Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY arm swag series: Ribbons+Chain bracelet

Too lazy to DIY? 
Here's another arm swag for you dear readers.
This project came to life in less than 10 minutes. It's that easy! You can even do this while watching tv, having snack, etc... Talk about multitasking huh?! haha!
You simply need:
- 2 set of ribbons and a chain, of course, your choice of color.
For the length, measure by your wrist, but for the ribbons, provide extra 4-6 inches.
 Secure the ribbons on the first end with a neat tie.
 Then start weaving the ribbons through the chains. 
Simply weave over-under-over-under.
Instead of weaving a single ribbon, I decided to weave two ribbons alternately.
For ease, you may use a bobby pin for weaving through the chain.
 Finish it off by securing a good tie at the end of chain again.
 Tadaaa! Your bracelet done in just minutes!!!
Simple, chic, no clasps and jump rings, and it's DIY!!!!
Experiment! Mix fun colors!
Have fun DIYing!!!