Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Arm Swag Series: Braided+rhinestone bracelet

Got bling?

Here's the fourth of my AS series.
 You'll need:
- any string/material which can be braided
- rhinestone chain, with clasps and jump rings (got mine from a local craft store)

First, cut your strings, 6-8 strings, 20-24 inches each. Gather together the strings and rhinestone chain. Tie together with one of the strings (as shown).
I opted for a french braid though you may do the 'fishtail' as well. 
Just continue with a neat braid. See the pattern how the rhinestone gets visible on each side?
Before finishing it off with a tie, try it on. See if the length is enough to be not too loose nor tight on your wrist. 
Cut the string leaving about 2 inches excess.
Et voilà...
I also tried making this using embroidery threads (since it is the only resources I have at the moment) and I lo0o0ove how it turned out! I picked out these yummy candy colors because I remembered three of my best girlfriends, and yes, it is their 'personality colors'!!
Chic right?
Can't wait to match this with an outfit!!
What do you think?