Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Color me Block

Does this outfit remind you of my dear country?Haha.
I am aware of how attention grabbing this outfit is.
I have always been so shy to experiment with colors, to mix/ match two or more colors into one ensemble.
I attempted color blocking by wearing and combining these bright colors, with the hope that I could pull it off properly without looking like a color wheel.
I chose Blue, Yellow and Red-Orange for this number simply because I love the splash of color.
Silver for my accessories and shoes for a metallic touch.
My hair? always a problem. To compensate, I do braids. Yes I did this one to myself. If you may ask how I did it, I followed a tutorial! There are lots of tutorial online!
I think I have a mutual understanding with the wind. I just love how it cooperates as I find a good angle when taking photos. Thanks to my friend Leslie for capturing these good shots!
Color blocking wise, what do you think?
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*photos taken by my friend Leslie


  1. chic! nice color-blocking look.