Monday, June 11, 2012

Trashion Fashion

Have you heard of the Trashion Fashion Project?
Trashion fashion is a part of the "green" movement where old items that are considered trash by many are reconstructed and used in art, jewelry, fashion, or home decor - source.

I find the Trashion trend so cool (coming from a DIY lover?haha). I am sure many have attempted to do the Slashed T-shirt project because it's one of the simplest, easiest and definitely CHEAPEST. Did you know theres a thousand dollar worth of slashed tshirt? Yep, a thousand bucks. Why spend that much when you can just grab an old shirt from your brother (with his permission of course! It might have sentimental value!) or rush down to your favorite thrift store, I am sure they have those cheap male undershirts available in different colors. Male shirts are good because the loose fitting is perfect!
So here's my take on the trashion fashion...
I got the inspiration from Stylebreak. They've got a great collection of slashed tops. Check out their site here. I think the design I liked from their collection was already sold out so I thought again, "hmm, I'll just do it!" *wink.

On to the Slashing...

You just need the following:

You have the option of using a marker or just slash all you want. 
To remove the neck part, I've made a mark about 2 inch from the neck band.  

Then cut it off. 

This next step is really just an option. I've made patterns same with the inspiration so I will not ruin the shirt by just spontaneously cutting. It's easy if you already have a pattern in mind. Something to follow as you go through the process. So choose a good pattern that will give your outfit that rock and roll edge! But if you like spontaneity, so be it! 

Then do the cut. For the slices I've made, the next one is longer than the previous, about 3/4 inch apart. Just keep working until you finish the pattern you like.
Tip: Just make simple horizontal slices and don't do cut outs such as this one.
this is a cut out. you only need plain cuts.
After doing all the slices I needed, I've cut the hem of the sleeve.

and here's my finished product...

 What do you think?

With a plain tank top under the shirt and a necklace, that is statement enough right? I'm also thinking of pairing this top with this. DIY much right?

Here's how I wore it:

Can you spot my DIY Jeffrey Campbell inspired tick wedge? If you haven't seen the tutorial, see it here.
Transforming your plain shirt to a fashion statement is fun! Let me know if you've made your own! send me a picture! I'd love to see your Trashion Fashion! :)

x, tien.

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