Thursday, June 7, 2012

That Little Blue Dress

Yep! LBD. It's blue this time.

Yet another inspiration I've got from APAS! The Inspiration itself is a Miranda Kerr & Michael Kors inspired cut out dress! *wink. 
If you'd check out Geneva's blog site, you'll find truly great projects! This one here amazed me big time! After I've read her post, I said to myself, "hey! that's easy!" haha! One day at the mall, I saw this gorgeous blue maxi dress at H&M my eyes twinkled the moment I saw it, unfortunately, they didn't have my size. Yes, it broke my heart. :(
After a week, my friend Leslie told me her plans of going to the same mall, I asked her if she could check out this specific dress (which I described to her in detail) from H&M.  Hey! they restocked and had my size!!!!!! my sewing materials rejoiced! hahaha!
Okay, so enough of my story. 
Here's my little blue DIY-d dress...
sample image from Google
The materials my girlies...
You'll just need:
1. a dress, preferably with soft jersey fabric, your choice of length and color.
2. thread and needle
3. trusty fabric scissor
4. chalk

For the steps, I actually just followed APAS' tutorial here.
It's easy! Literally cut and sew!
First, mark the dress with a chalk. Use a circle guide about a size of a saucer (I actually used a dipper) put it on the center of each side seams at the height of your ribs and mark. 
 Cut the circles. 
Sew the circles with little stitches.
 Gather the circles together in front to create a cut out shape. Sew them in place. (I had mine machine sewn in Souq for a good finish!)
 I used an extra fabric to pull the circles together and to keep it in place.

Closer look

Side View
When worn...
This H&M dress was actually too long for me I have cut it just enough and the part I've cut is the fabric I used earlier to pull the circles to the front center.
H&M dress| Zara sequined clutch| Aldo sandals

You may wear this with flats or heels and pair it with a clutch.
Then do a messy fishtail braid and accessorize as you like!

A few months back, I've made this dress in black, here's the pic...I actually lost the copy of the original photos. huhu...
This one's the sexier version of the dress and this time, it's really a Little Black Dress! 

What do you think?
Let me know if you made your version of this! I'd love to see!

xo, tien.