Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Arm Swag Series: Rope Bracelet

Remember my post on DIY bangle organizer? See it here. Don't you just love those stackable bracelets? Well, I do. So much that I want to add more! 
I was arranging my craft materials the other day and suddenly so many great DIY ideas popped in my mind. I just need to add more to my growing collection of bracelets! DIY of course.
My pleasure to share with you the first of my DIY Arm Swag Series, the Rope Bracelet.
This is probably the easiest (I think?). 
You'll need: 
- Rope/ Shoelace. You may need 2 feet which makes 2-3 wraps on your wrist. 

- Paper clips turned to hooks 
- Silver chain
Follow these steps: (observe the image to follow through)
1. Thread the rope through one side of the hook. 
2. Do a zig zag.
3. Bend few inches of the rope over the zig zag.
4. Curl the rope twice to the left.
5. Keep your grip on the tip by pinching it.
6. Push the knot until it's tight. To avoid loosening the knot as you try to make a tight seal, burn the tips with a lighter. 
7. Repeat steps with the other end. But this time, you'll create a coil towards the right.
8. Connect both ends through the hook. 
9. The tie can slide through the knot so you may adjust as needed.
To complete the arm party, I've added a plain chain and used my diy hook to connect both ends.
Done! Yay! Simple and easy!
More of the arm swag series soon! :)

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