Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Arm Swag Series: Friendship bracelet

Remember how we used to (no, honestly I haven't actually done this before) rather I should say, how you used to do friendship bracelets waaaaayy back?
A friend of mine even said she used to make some and sell them! Cool!!! (Yes Sheena, it’s you! Haha!)
Well yes, friendship bracelet is still IN! And the style is kind of evolving! A lot of tutorials are available online and you’d be amazed on many ways you can upgrade your friendship bracelet! My favorite DIY blog is ‘Honestly WTF’. This blog actually inspired me. The tutorials are so easy to follow! You may check the site here.
Image from google.com
So on to my arm swag series… If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know this is my second, and yep! This time it’s the classic Friendship Bracelet! Thanks to my friend Cha for teaching me the basics. *wink

Here goes…You’ll need:
  • Embroidery thread (your choice of colors)
  • Tape
  • Scissor
  • Clasps, Jump rings
I bought these embroidery threads for a very good price!!!! I heart you Rawnaq!!! hahaha!
Step 1: Cut your thread to about 20 inches each color, total of 2 sets, 6 colors each set, you may notice I repeated the Yellow, but to avoid confusion, you just select 6 different colors.  Create a knot to secure one end.
 Step 2: Tape it onto your working table.
Step 3: Separate the 2 sets and arrange the threads by color to create a mirror pattern.
I started with the set on the left. Take the leftmost color (shown here yellow), create a 4-shape with the second color (green) to create a knot.
Step 4: Pull up the knot and tighten. Create a knot twice over each color.
 Repeat this until you reach the center.
Step 5: Do  the same process with the set on the right.
 Step 6: When the same color meet in the center, tie the two together twice using a backward knot.
 Step 7: Just repeat the process and you will see a pattern (as shown).
 Step 8: Once you're done, tie the end and braid the loose threads.
 Step 9: Attach the jump rings and clasps on both ends.
 Tadaaa! I love pastels so I chose these colors. I opted for a darker green so the pattern will be recognizable.
 My first ever friendship bracelet! I'm so proud! haha! 
When worn:
Patience is vital for this project!*wink
I Hope you enjoyed! 
I'm thinking of upgrading this classic friendship bracelet! Hmmm... I'll post about that soon! 
xx, tien.


  1. I been able to make a friendship bracelet for my friend. thanks to this website

    1. wow! you're welcome! wish I could see yours! :)