Monday, June 18, 2012

Citrus Day Glow

This fluorescent color has been popping here and there. Don’t you just love the flash of vibrancy it gives to an outfit? I do.
I tried the super-saturated hue but kept it to a minimum. Just enough pop!
This sheer skirt is a pasalubong from my friend Arl, from her HK trip
Have you noticed a change in my blog site's layout? Arl helped me arte-fy it! haha!
Thank you so much socsy! :)
Mango tank top | HK sheer skirt | Garage neon belt
This clutch is one of my DIY projects, which I'll be posting soon. :)
Mango rhinestone bracelet | Pull & Bear neon necklace used as bracelet | DIY clutch
DAS heel less shoes
The first time I laid eyes on heel less shoes I told myself, “seriously? I don’t think I’d ever wear that kind of shoe!” For me, it screams ‘unstable’ and 'Lady Gaga'. I felt like if I’ll wear it, I’d just trip over and over again. The mystery of how to maintain balance minus the heel remained a question until I knew about DAS.
DAS has a gorgeous collection of shoes. Plus, they customize! Awesome!
As I browsed their collection I thought to myself, “I must have one.” so I did.
You may check their collection here.
Surprisingly, it is stable! There’s no even one occasional stumble while I’m wearing it!
I think it’s even more stable than a 3-inch stiletto. It’s chic and fun to wear! If you want a statement shoe, you won’t go wrong with it.
Hype this on Look book here and Bloglovin here.
  Any thoughts on my outfit?


  1. Fabulous shoes. The whole outfit looks great. Can you buy those shoes in Doha?

    1. thank you! i bought them online (from phils) then a friend of mine brought them here.

    2. OK, thought you may have as I have not seen any in the shops here. Do you wear them out often? Do you get many people liking them?

    3. wore this twice. i get different reactions, haha!

  2. The steve madden shop in Al Asmakh Mall Centerpoint now has one style of the heeless shoe for sale. They look fabulous.