Sunday, June 3, 2012

Candy Stripes

I just love how the wind cooperates every time I take oufit shots. hahaha!
Another day at the mall with Friends. I was supposed to wear an all-black ensemble but they said we should wear something colorful that day. I didn't pack anything 'colorful' so I wore this candy striped top from my friend. Good thing it matched the accessories I brought with me.
H&M skirt| Longchamp bag
I got this sheer skirt on sale from H&M. I brought it to a tailor and told him to make it asymmetric. It's like a mullet skirt worn sideways. 
This connector ring is one of my friend's pasalubong! yay! I terribly miss the tiangge and bazaars in pinas! huhu
HK Thrift shop bangles | thrifted connector ring | 
Aldo sandals

When I saw this gorgeous platforms at River Island, my heart skipped a beat. haha! it matches my outfit right? eeeep! 
OOTD aside...

This tall structure here is the Aspire tower. I took this photo while I was outside gate 3 of Villagio Mall. It was the last time I went there with my friends before the fire incident. 
That fire incident was so tragic. If the fire was not intended, I think it is due to negligence. The number of casualty is so heartbreaking which includes the innocent kids and their Filipina teachers. :( 

Let us pray that they may find their peace with Him. 


  1. next move...Euro Fashion hehehe visit us cuz :))

    1. wow. haha! excited nako to see you!

  2. get in touch when you come back to aspire ,