Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back to School

As you guys know and this may sound like a mismatch, I am a Nurse, trying to blog.
I didn't actually get back to school but the feeling is kind of I did. I've been attending a 2-week class conducted by Sick Kids facilitators (for Non-Nurse readers, Sick Kids is a Hospital from Canada) and this week is the second. This is also the reason that lately, I didn't have enough time to update my blog. :(
The class is very informative and relevant to my practice. Our class is being held at University of Calgary (Qatar). The room was very conducive to learning, there's only few of us, which in a way is good, so the facilitators was able to focus on each candidate.
Our Lecturers are very effective as teachers. I love their approach and their manner of speaking or maybe it's their Canadian accent which seemed music to my ears that made me eager to listen to their lectures, haha! Btw, we have Filipino lecturers too! (Proud Pinay!) *wink

Okay, you may be saying by now "okay so where's the outfit?!"

Speaking of school, here's an outfit which I think I'd probably wear on a wash day at school. This is just a random OOTD shot which I thought I could share with you guys. I didn't actually wear this to class but somewhere else.
H & M tank top
I chose to add a pop of color to my black-white-silver number so I carried along with me this fluorescent clutch.
H & M neon clutch| Calvin Klein watch
This clutch caught my attention when I saw it at H & M (though the color is eye-catching per se) and because I am so into shades of highlighter lately! 
You'll see on my next posts too! *wink
H & M  silver sandals
Any thoughts on this? 

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