Monday, May 14, 2012

I am no accessory-hoarder but I think I am close to being one. haha!
I recently bought an accessory organizer but it cannot accommodate all. I have no problem for my neck pieces and earrings, but there's no enough space for the bangles and I need to organize!!! :(
I was too lazy to do a major DIY project at the moment so, to solve the problem, I've thought of making the simplest and easiest DIY bangle organizer using an empty bottle. *wink

If you're as lazy as I am but eager to organize, follow these no-sweat steps:

1. Take an empty Juice/Sparkling drink bottle with the appropriate size to fit your bangles.
I used this..
Though you may opt for a taller bottle to accommodate the number of your bangles. :)

2. Remove the label. If it's too sticky, try removing it with running water. 

When your bottle is neat and ready, get your bangles and just stack 'em up! 

Tadaaaaa!!! hihi. Hope you like it.
Plus it's an organizer and display in one. You stack up your bangles according to colors if you like or style it as you want. 

There's just one drawback: you have to remove each just to get the specific bangle you will use, so better if you stack them by colors so each set of bangles to match your outfit can be removed at a time. :) 

Now you can proudly display your wrist wares on top of your dresser. Hope I helped!

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