Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A trip to Brussels

My backlog blog posts started to pile up. I've been a bit busy and tiresome lately from busy shifts so i have to dedicate the time left to my dear friend - sleep.
I had a recent trip with my friends (relax, we didn't go out of the country, haha) to a well known tourist spot in Doha, the Souq Waqif.

Souq Waqif is a historical place according to a review source. The place has a unique contemporary style which highlights the heritage of Qatar. I love how the beautiful stones were used for buildings. Souq Waqif, if literally translated means, 'Standing Market'. Here you can find traditional goods such as clothing, souvenirs and handicrafts. Do you wish to purchase the eyeliner middle east women uses? you can find it here too.

I just love SW at night, as it turn to a night market. I love the vibe it exudes. There are restaurants, ice cream and coffee shops around if you wish to hang out. At Dejavu, i first experienced Shish a smoking. You may find other delicacies from other countries if you prefer. 

I told my friends this place is a perrrrrrfect venue for a photo shoot! Haha! It was my utmost concern! I must do that in due time! *wink.

Let me share to you few of my photos..

with my friends Karen, Arl, Leslie and Kate (which obviously not here, she took this shot!)
Coexist top| Zara pants| Max wedges| 
So after Souq, we went to Brussels... haha!
After roaming around, we hung out to one of our favorite places, Chocolat Café Tasse Bruxelles Brussels. I love this place that I'd give 4-stars to their pizza, Pasta, Frappes and ambiance! I hope my friends would agree with me! 

at second floor of Café Tasse
 It's worth the visit. Have you been here?


  1. I couldn't agree more! i love this post kiyeren!