Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oops I DIYd it again!

Recently, I have found a great Blog site for DIY fashion. When I first visited the site, I felt sooo excited that I rushed to my favorite fabric and crafts store and bought whatever I thought I could use for DIY projects. 
It never occurred in my wildest dreams that I could actually make a hand sewn maxi dress. Thanks to my favorite DIY fashion blogger, Geneva for the inspirations. She's always featured to famous magazines such as Harper's Bazaar. Her ideas are so cool and exciting. She inspires me.

Check out her site A Pair and a Spare here. You might find some other cool DIY stuffs too!

So here's the Hand sewn Maxi dress I've been bragging about. haha!

I decided to name this my Two-way beach Maxi dress. The material I used is actually a fabric for the Indian Saree. I was sorting all the fabrics in the store and immediately fell in love when i saw this gorgeous sheer polka one.  Only last 5 meters was left so i bought the fabric right away!
The first is a Wrap Maxi dress. Is it hand sewn? Yes.
I wasn't able to keep photos of the step-by-step making of this dress but you can check out the tutorial from APAS here
 For the second look of the dress, I actually got the idea from an APAS tutorial for a printed cut-out dress. It's soo easy! If you have an old or thrifted midi skirt, get you scissors, needle and thread and follow the steps here.

This dress is not intended to be worn here in Qatar unless I plan to be deported. waaa! haha!
I just can't wait for my vacation on november!! 

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