Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First of my Pink Chronicles

So i just learned the basics of blogging and let me start with this... 
Since I am claiming that myself is a Desert Doll, (yess! feel na feel ko!), here's the few shots of my first semi- or should I say pseudo-photo shoot in the vast desert of Q. 
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Bershka Jumpsuit| Mango Sunnies| Peppermint gladiator sandals
Here I'm trying the project-while-walking-pose.
Then there's the wardrobe malfunction!! aurgh, fail. Pardon, it's so windy!!!
I wore this outfit assuming that i will have my very first desert shoot. (haha!) 
We actually went there for Sand Bashing which by the way, is a super heart pounding activity! Will definitely experience it again on winter!