Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY: Jeffrey Campbell inspired

On a normal rest day, if I am not out at the mall or somewhere else with friends, I'd stay home, usually just sit with a gadget on my lap, read blogs and browse for great DIY ideas. On one blessed day I saw an amazing project. After reading the blog, I wanted so bad to do my own and I was so excited to rush to the nearest bookstore, craft store or whatever store to buy thumbtacks. Yes, thumbtacks! Who knew thumbtacks can be a cool fashion tool? :)
I went to three different shops, unfortunately, they don't have. "why the heck?!"
There's one school supplies store in souq but they only have the gold one. I thought to myself, "porke't middle east gold lang meron?" haha.
Luckily, Nina, a friend who resides in Doha, went to a nearby shop to see if they have such. To my Luck, they have. yay! I told her to buy 6 boxes without knowing how many thumbtacks in each box. hihi

So what's so intriguing about the thumbtacks? It can turn your plain wedge to a bad ass Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoe. *wink.

Let me show you first the inspiration, the Jeffrey Campbell Tick Stud Shoe...

Gorgeous right? I hope JC doesn't mind if I say 'why buy when you can diy?'
So here's my version of Suze Geeks Out's diy JC tick stud shoe and how I did it...

You'll need:  
  • shoes - platform or wedge. Pick  a good one to make sure that the thumbtacks can penetrate the wedge well.
Black Wedge from MAX
  •  Silver Thumbtacks. You may use a small hammer so your fingers won't be too sore after. I used only three box of these for the pair. Thumbtacks anyone?
  • Fabric Glue. To keep the thumbtacks in place. You don't want them falling off one by one while you walk, right? I used an All purpose adhesive. Served its purpose well! 

The Steps:

1. Like Suze, I started at the front, spaced the thumbtacks evenly with a portion slightly overlapping the other, following the curve of the wedge.

2. Repeat step 1 and slightly overlap the first curve so you can cover as much of the leather.

3. Since this wedge can accomodate three rows, finish the bottom row and start filling following the top curve again...

...see the pattern? Just continue filling in. Repeat steps with the other shoe.
Rest your sore fingers once in a while. :)

My DIY Tick stud shoe (Jeffrey Campbell tick stud shoe inspired)

I'm thinking of pairing this with a DIY slashed shirt. hmm...

Hope you Like it!! *wink

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