Friday, May 11, 2012

Dirty Thirty

A friend celebrated her 30th birthday: Dirty Thirty, a black and red themed party. It was held at the Filipino Cultural Center situated somewhere in Doha. It was a simple yet super fun party!!! Almost all guests wore black and red as per the Celebrant's request.
I wore a Jumpsuit paired with oxblood heels. I wanted to feel as comfy as possible knowing we will just sing along and play games the whole duration of the party. I've mentioned games, and yes we played dirty games. There's even Pinoy Henyo with the dirty twist. hahaha!
DIY clutch
I have mentioned from my previous post that I'll be posting more of my DIY projects. Well, here's one. This clutch is hand sewn. Hence, DIY. *wink.
It was made out of a denim cut off (I made distressed shorts out of an old pair of jeans donated by a friend, which i will post soon! :p). I covered the denim with tule, sew it by hand since i do not have a machine, stitched some gem on it and voila! a party clutch! hihi. If you may wonder, yes, my fingers were sore post-stitching. :(
NEXT heels
More DIYs to come! :)

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