Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine

Feelin' in the mood to update my blog. Hence, this post. Must be the benign shift I've just had. Or could be the outfit I am wearing in this post. I've felt refreshed by the brightness of my pants! haha! ;p
I am currently obsessed with this sheer top I bought online. I can think of sooo many ways to wear it! At first glance, my friends thought it's a barong. Well, must be the most chic barong ever. :)
I love the print on it and it's ombre fabric! Just genius! Love!
I remember when me and my bestie did this shoot, I've had so much fun! Plus we've found this spot somewhere near the hostel where not much people pass by. I just can't pretend not to care when people stare! I feel too shy. (Yes, I do get that feeling!). And with this bright and eye-catching number, who wouldn't stare? haha!

Wearshimmer top
Sammydress pants
Mango heels

photos by Leslie

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I could have worn a more colorful outfit for this day because the weather was just perfect when we shot these photos but I couldn't resist this pair of monochrome top and shorts (with a pop of neon!).
I am a self-confessed online shopaholic. I frequently shop online than in actual shops. I prefer it because I've got more choices and they're surprisingly cheaper! I got this lovely twin set from Sammydress. It was love at first sight!
I am learning how to do my own make-up. Thanks to Youtube! I've finally found the foundation and concealers that works best for my skin after several trials of different brands. I've realized too that BB creams weren't meant for me. They can't provide the coverage I need. I am also learning the art of shaping brows. Gee. I used to neglect them. Didn't realize before how brow shape can change your look.
As they say, you just got to have the right product and tools. I read several popular product reviews online and from trusted bloggers before buying a cosmetic product. I don't tend to buy makeup products that's on trend just to try out because I know how sensitive my skin is. 
Any thoughts you want to share about cosmetics and your favorite make-up products? x

Sammydress top and shorts
Mango heels
H & M clutch

photos by Leslie